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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need your service when I can join one of many dating sites for free?

Managing your own online dating is only free after you discount the value of your time. If you're a working professional, however, your time is both valuable and scarce. For this reason, some people choose to delegate to us the time-consuming and emotionally difficult task of finding a partner. As an example, it would be wasteful for a busy lawyer to spend 15 hours arranging a date online when he can hire us for the fee he bills in one hour.

What's the difference between one of your representatives and a virtual assistant in India that I can hire for $5/hour?

In 2007, Timothy Ferriss first proposed the idea of outsourcing online dating overseas. However, as a business, we have to disagree with his stance.

First, our representatives receive thorough training in online dating and undergo regular performance evaluations, which means that we work as expert consultants rather than as assistants.

Second, we only hire representatives in the city of Toronto, Canada. We watch the same movies, read the same books and listen to the same music that you do. That means we can represent you accurately in the topics that arise most frequently in online dating, and you will never be embarrassed by cultural differences that can arise by hiring a representative overseas.

Finally, we pride ourselves in providing a high level of customer service. You can pick up the phone to speak with your representative at any time.

We manage our costs by being efficient with our time, not by hiring cheaper labor.

Will my matches know that I used your service?

No, unless you choose to tell them. Our service is strictly confidential and your representative will work closely with you to represent you accurately. Before each date, we brief you on your match and forward all of her correspondence to you, which means that you will have the chance to review this information before your first date.

Our service puts you in contact with many more single women than you would be able to reach by yourself, and significantly increases your chances for finding the right match. If she also believes that you are the right match for her, we take the position that it's irrelevant how you met.

Isn't it deceptive to hire another person to write messages on my behalf?

Like a secretary responding to correspondence on behalf of a busy executive, or a ghostwriter authoring a book for a celebrity, your representative works closely with you to ensure that you are represented as accurately and fairly as possible, with no false statements made to potential matches.

If you are uncomfortable with the idea of another person writing messages on your behalf, we have custom solutions available that still let you take advantage of our online dating expertise. Please contact us for details.

What if I need help on the actual date?

One of our female representatives would be happy to role-play a date with you over the phone and provide her feedback as part of the "getting to know you" process. If we find that you need substantially more training in dating itself, we provide coaching at an hourly rate, and there are books and informational products that we can recommend.

Do you represent women or gay clients?

Yes. Although our service is geared toward straight men, we also represent women and gay clients.