What Qualifies Me to Help You With Online Dating?

What qualifies me to teach you online dating—and to lead this company?

The answer goes back a few years. One of my first jobs out of school was to ghostwrite books. Most relevantly, I wrote a book with Sydnee Steele called Seducing Your Woman about how to meet more women. For each of the books I wrote, I would interview subject experts, step into their shoes, imitate their writing style and write books in their name. Because I received cover credit on all of the books, I was technically a co-author more than a ghostwriter, but my function was the same: I had to get my own ego and style out of the way, so that I can present the author's ideas and stories accurately, transparently and effectively. That's what we do at Done For You Dating.

After I paused my writing career, I delved head-first into marketing. Not the kind of marketing they teach you in college, but the kind that puts your own money on the line and forces you to get results or face bankruptcy. Done For You Dating is the third company I've founded—the first is The Morpheus Clinic for Hypnosis, and the second I'm contractually obligated to keep secret—and I've made all of them work through effective, street-smart, direct-response marketing. In this blog, I'll teach you how to apply what I've learned about marketing to messages you write on online dating sites so that you can benefit from higher response rates and more dates with the women you desire.

Most recently, as a hypnotherapist I've helped many men who had anxiety approaching and interacting with women. Universally, they were all great guys: smart, funny and kind. Once they got past the first hurdle, they did just fine. But the first impression they left with women didn't represent them accurately or enticingly.

As CEO of Done For You Dating Inc., I'm applying my knowledge and experience from all of these areas to help single men and women get better results from online dating. This blog, DFY Dating Labs, will report the latest findings from our work with clients and my analysis of those results.

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