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Introducing Done For You Dating Laboratories

Which of the following do you think gets the most responses from women on online dating sites?

  • Long or short messages?
  • Posed or candid photos?
  • Humor or directness?
  • Sexual suggestiveness or playing it safe?

The test results might surprise you. Every small change can mean a drastic difference in response. Coming from a background in direct marketing, we know how important it is to test the messages that we send to prospects and carefully monitor the response.

That's why we have a division of the company that's devoted to testing new communication strategies for getting the best possible response from single women. The discoveries that come out of DFY Dating Laboratories let us use our time efficiently, and it means that you have the best possible shot with every potential match online.

We have online dating down to a science, and we're eager to let our discoveries benefit your dating. For a free consultation, contact us today.