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Online Dating Mistake #2: Telling Her You're Smart and Funny

Every freshman writing teacher will tell you to "show; don't tell." And almost every online dating profile we've found violates this principle by talking about how smart and funny the writer is, but showing little to back up the claim. We can't count the number of profiles of men (and women) who say that they're funny, but never make a joke.

I'm not saying that you aren't smart or funny. It's that everybody says they are, and unless your profile actually demonstrates that you are, you're just one of a thousand men making the same claim.

So how do you stand out from the crowd? Don't just throw in the words "smart" and "funny" and leave it at that. Prove it! Crack a joke, make an astute observation or drop a reference for your readers to discover. Your profile will be much more interesting, engaging and believable.

It does take more effort to write a profile that shows your personality rather than just talk about it, but it's an effort that will be well rewarded. Make a woman laugh, make her think, and she will begin to imagine what it would like to be with you in person.